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How to write Blog Posts

At first, what you need to have is your content plan. It's essential because I know that many people write some topics to their blogs and they fail. They can't get organic reach, because they usually take just generic topics, where there is a lot of other high-quality content. If you want to get results today, you need to skip these topics. If other writers or authors share this content, why you need to compete with them? Find something new and unique. And I like to use Ahrefs with this purpose.

Just go to Content Explorer, type 'SEO' or any of your keywords. And here, choose Filters. I have English, Reference domains up to 5 because I usually check out topics that don't have a lot of backlinks. It helps to get traffic faster. If you choose topics that have a lot of backlinks, you need to consider that it's essential to create these backlinks before getting organic reach. I set up filter Organic Reach from 500 visitors a month. You can choose another one. Domain Rating less than 30.

You can choose another one because I usually promote websites that have a low domain rating. But if you have strong authority, why not? You can choose more strong domain rating. And I set up the filter Words up to 1000 because you know, when you choose these topics, you can find some content that have traffic with less than thousand keywords and you can create something better, to submit more information, more content to your blog posts, and outrank this website.

And you can see that I got 49 pages. The next step what you need to do, just to choose topics that are related with your blog, or you can play with other keywords to find something in another topics. For example, we can use 'keyword'. And you can see that I have 265 pages. You can see organic reach, traffic volume, Ahrefs considers this data by Google Ads, and other parameters. Use any other keywords that you like and you will find some interesting ideas to your content plan. Okay, when you create this content plan, you have it, the next step is to write an awesome blog post. And I usually start from title.

It's essential to submit title that gives a strong reason to open your content. 80% of users ignore boring titles. Because people have no time to read all content online. They usually scan the top 10 results and if they don't like some titles, they just skip to read this content. That's why I created my tool "Headline Quality Calculator" that helps to optimize your title. For example, the title for this video "How to Write an Excellent Blog Post 2020 (Tips for Beginners)", and you can analyze data. I have 45 rating, it's not the best, I can improve. It depends on your topic, just use some tips from this tool.

People pay a lot of attention here and even Google considers what people want to get if you submit your photo and your name. It helps to get more trust from readers. We can take some articles here. Just scroll down. For example, this one, because I have 1000 views on this article. Okay, we can check out. And you need to start from your intro. When you have your title, headline, the next step is to write intro. I don't write a long intro because people come to me to get the main points. When you write a long intro, people might skip reading and go away. It's not good idea to lose them.

It's better to spend some time to write some awesome intro and give them a strong reason to read your whole article. You can see that I use storytelling style here, and yep, I just use short intro and I don't use the long sentences in intro because I need to catch attention from readers to read my whole article. After this, I submit content plan because if you have a long article, it's essential to divide this article with some content. And for example, if people are not interested to learn about content plan, they can click to find another point. You can see that just with one click, they get another sub-heading. And when you click on content plan, just continue with your article. It's essential to divide this article with subheadings.

If people read the whole article, they get more value and it's a big chance that your article will bring organic reach and sell your products as well. And you can see that I submit a lot of links because I needs to tell where I found this data. And you can see that I use a lot of pictures, infographics, screenshots, it helps to get readers on my website on this blog post. And I use some buttons on the left side. When people want to share my article on social media if they get value, yep, it just decreases their strength to do it. If they use these buttons, they will submit it on their social media.

When you write your article, it's essential to bring something new and unique, never rewrite others. It's a big mistake when webmasters hire writers, and they rewrite some content in the top 10, Google will not rank this content, visitors are not interested because they might have read this content, bloggers will not link to this content because everyone wants to get something unique. Bring this uniqueness.

That's why it's essential to cooperate with bloggers or journalists. For example, bloggers usually write a lot about their topic and they have experience, they can share this information. You can find the list of bloggers on Google. And for example, if you submit content about marketing, just find marketing bloggers. Type this keyword on Google, find them, submit them into one list, and reach out to them to ask about cooperation. Because if you just order this text on Upwork, it doesn't work, you know, because freelancers on Upwork usually rewrite text. And if you want to write yourself, just bring something new and unique. That's why I read a lot of blog posts to get some unique information and I act a lot and promote websites for my clients. That's why I have some experience, and through this experience, I share my information on my blog.

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